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Bean Bag Care

Love your bean bag and it will love you back for years. But there are some common sense things that are pretty much guaranteed to shorten it’s life (and maybe yours) so please don’t do the following:

  • Bean bags can’t swim so please don’t immerse them in water.
  • They are made of fabric so sharp things and really rough surfaces can tear them (and then the beans go everywhere and no one is happy).
  • They are already warm enough so keep clear of radiators or open fires (burning beans is not a nice smell).

Why does the zipper look broken?

It’s not broken we promise. Bean bags contain small beans that can easily choke a small child if swallowed, so as a safety measure all our bean bags have a safety locking zipper so children can’t open it. To use the zipper simply slide a paper clip through the tab and open and close like a regular zipper then remove again when you have finished.

And of course all our bean bags and materials have been tested to comply with Australian and International safety standards. So relax and enjoy.

 Ooops! How do I get that out?

Use the following tips to clean your bean bags when those inevitable spills and marks happen. Different things work on different fabrics.
If you’re not sure what your bean bag is made of you can check the label.

To clean fabric bean bags:
To remove general dirty areas use water and a mild detergent. Liquid dish soap is a great option. For more stubborn marks, a soft-bristle toothbrush used in a circular motion should work and then just wipe clean with a dry cloth. Please don’t immerse in water or try to steam clean.

How many beans?

Everyone’s a bit different. Each bean bag we sell comes with our recommended beanage. But you can always add more or take some out to make it just right for you. And to stop your beans running away, try filling up your bean bag in a plugged bath tub.

Bean fill not included.