The banner text reads Bean bags: easy to get into... hard to get out of!

Here’s a quick reference sheet with our most popular bean bag shapes, to help you tell the Luna Lounger from the Coastal Lounger,
or to bring you up to speed with that distinctive Aussie tetrahedral ice-block shape if you didn’t grow up slurping Sunnyboys!


As a rough guide:

  • Kids beanbags contain 150 – 250 litres of beans
  • Adult beanbags contain 200 – 300 litres of beans
  • Supersize beanbags are.. well… super sized… and need 300 litres (or more) of beans

Need beans?

Our bean bags don’t come with beans (except the iCrib and Ottomans), but it’s easy to get beanage for your LiFE! bean bag.  Pop out to one of these retailers: