The banner text reads life is too short to fold fitted sheets... LiFE! live it up!
The banner text reads life is too short to fold fitted sheets... LiFE! live it up!

At LiFE! we embrace casual living and the great outdoors, and we’re passionate about helping everyone to live it up. We enjoy relaxing indoors, backyard entertaining with family & friends, hiking and camping, picnicking at the beach, watching sports, the odd gaming session, epic music festivals, and we want you enjoying however you spend your time in style and comfort.

We are not afraid to admit that we’re addicted to reality television and will laugh out loud at a well crafted meme. We love a bargain and use life hacks (a lot). We get that sometimes a problem can only be solved with a glass of Rosé and that life, real life, doesn’t look much like an Instagram feed or come with a magic set of social media filters. So we’re committed to creating products that are not only practical, functional and stylish but also affordable and help you enjoy your life and live it up.

We’re pretty proud of our innovative designs, quality products and responsible manufacturing.  We search the globe to bring you exciting new products every year, in the latest colors and prints. We do rigorous testing so you can buy knowing they are fit for purpose, and for fun. And we’re deeply committed to transparent sourcing and manufacturing, taking responsibility for the world around us. All of our factories are independently audited, and we believe in safeguarding the conditions for everyone involved in our supply chain to ensure we ‘Trade with Purpose’.

We want you to go big in little ways, every single day. Spread the fun times out and make them last. We want to create those little corner-of-the-mouth smiles you get… like when you notice your iCrib has a pocket for your ear buds or that spill on the bean bag just wipes off or your friend loves your rain umbrella print.  Those times when your phone comes home from the beach not covered in sand, the kids didn’t get burnt because you packed the sun shelter and your wallet still has some cash left over.  Would you rather have one big splash or endless small moments? We know which one we prefer 🙂

Two women smiling at LiFE! headquarters with a new iCrib print in front of them