We LOVE bean bags!

You can sit, sink, curl, cross your legs, recline, lounge, lay and even jump and whump into a bean bag.  No longer for hippies who miss the 70s, stylish prints and textures and modern shapes means there is a bean bag for every room in the home and even bean bags for the patio.
There is nothing better than easing into a bean bag and having it smoosh around and hug you back.  So we’re sharing the warm fuzzies with an email full of bean bag fun!

What does your bean bag shape
say about you?


You’re a classic, calm but driven. You’re happiest enjoying the simple things in life, like watching Netflix.


You’re friendly, fun loving but won’t take any nonsense.  You occasionally (all the time) photograph your coffee (or wine).


You’re relaxed, laid back and you’ll take on the world…
after a nap.


You’re cool and content and know how to get what you want.  You don’t let weather dictate your life.


We recommend filling your bean bag in the bath tub – with the plug in!  It’s also a little easier (and way more fun) with a second set of hands: one person to hold the bean bag, the other holds the bag of beans.  Most of our bean bags have a filling funnel – extra material and a second zip – that reduces the number of beans left homeless.

Our zips look like the handle has fallen off but its actually a safety feature.  The zipper tabs have been removed so the zip can’t be opened by accident (or a determined toddler).  To open, simply slide a paper clip through the tab then open and close like a regular zipper.

For the average bean bag you’ll need 10,451,268… kidding!  Beans are sold by the litre and as a rough guide:
* Kids bean bags contain 150 – 250 litres of beans
* Adult bean bags contain 200 – 300 litres of beans &
* Supersize bean bags are.. well.. super sized and need 300 (or more) litres of beans. 
We can’t be more exact because how squishy or how firm you like your bean bag is such a personal choice.  Remember it’s easier to add beans than take them away!

You can find beans at Kmart, Target, Big W and Spotlight.

Rejoice! The struggle is finally over.
Never stand when you can sit.

Did you see ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s Day products this year?
Their all the right junk in the trunk bean bag onsie made us smirk – right down to the Buh-donka-donk measurements in the sizing chart.
You can browse through their full back catalogue of April Fool’s Day products here: https://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/looflirpa/
(image from thinkgeek.com)

Did you know that bean bag beans are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and its 100% recyclable! If you’ve got some beans to bin –
head to
http://epsa.org.au/where-can-i-recycle-eps/ and find your nearest recycling drop off.