(Otherwise known as getting the beans in the bag and not all over the floor in 5 easy steps)

We fill more bean bags than we’d like to count at Life! headquarters so we’ve learned a thing or two about how to do it without “spilled beans”. Here’s a few tips to make your bean bag filling experience quick and easy so you can relax in your new bean bag faster.

The ideal place to fill your bean bag is a clear indoor space in your home or a plugged bathtub. Windy or breezy areas aren’t great and outdoors is just asking for trouble (unless you like lots of beans flying around). 2 people make it much easier to fill your bag and take care with kids around because beans are small and can be a choking hazard if they get swallowed by little people.

Step 1
All LiFE! bean bags have an inner lining and outer skin with safety zippers. To get started both zippers will both need to be opened all the way with a paperclip (see diagram below). And because we’re nice guys and have done this heaps we’ve added a clever funnel system to the inner liner to help make filling easier.


Step 2
Here’s where 2 people come in handy. Cut the corner off the top of the bag of beans and pour into the funnel keeping it raised above as pictured below. Be patient, let gravity do the work and your bag will be full of beans in no time. How many beans is the right amount? Well it’s different for every bag, so check your bean bag product information for our recommendation. Then you might like to add a few more or a bit less to make it just right.

Step 3
Grab your paperclip and close funnel zipper. Once it’s firmly closed you can now push the funnel inside the lining and then trusty paper clip in hand, close the second zip on the inner liner.

Step 4
Now comes the fun part – getting the inner lining into the outer skin of your bean bag (bit like putting a pillow in a pillow case). Make sure the zipper on the outer skin is all the way open, then position the lining to sync up with the shape of the outer skin (you may have a back and front depending on the shape of your bean bag). Give the lining and outer skin a bit of a massage to get them snug and sound. Once you’ve got it all lined up grab the trusty paperclip and zip up the outer skin. (And we know we shouldn’t have to say it but make sure you remove the paperclip when done to keep little fingers from opening the zipper).

And you’re almost there…

Step 5
Find the perfect spot and relax in your very own comfy, squishy bean bag 🙂