Life’s too short to…?

& Happy New Year!

Are you into new year resolutions?  Are you going strong in week 3 or have they all gone by the wayside already?

I’m not really into resolutions. I prefer to reflect on the year that’s passed and just make some casual suggestions to myself for next year (that I’m under no strict obligations to fulfil!)   Because life is too short to be pressured or guilted by new year’s resolutions!  (or fold fitted sheets… or drink bad coffee…)

What are you dropping/losing/getting rid of in 2021 because life’s too short?

Perfect weekends…

(at home)

Self care has become a buzzword.  It’s sad that we now have to categorise taking time to do things we enjoy as an extra step in our routine’s versus it being a normal, everyday occurrence…. If we’ve learnt anything from 2020 its that slowing down to do what we enjoy and spending time with people we love should be a priority.

A perfect weekend includes at least one lazy afternoon!  Some of our favorite lazy afternoon activities include:

  • getting lost in a book or journaling thoughts
  • hosting a casual get together
  • giving yourself permission to mindlessly scroll or play candycrush (or equivalent!)
  • crafting or gardening (especially if you’re not good at them – do them for the enjoyment not the outcome!)
  • listen to music that makes you zen or smile or dance
  • baking something you love but don’t have very often and take it on a picnic
  • the classic face mask and bubble bath combo (the skin care versus the cotton kind!)
  • calling a friend or family member you haven’t found the time to catch up with in a while
  • and what ‘self care’ list would be complete without a nap!

Whatever you chose to do on your lazy arvo, we recommend doing it with an iCrib, a coastal lounger or a adventure mat ;).

Valentine’s Day

Feb 14

You love it or you loathe it, but either way the next Hallmark event is coming!  If you’re on the lookout for a Valentine’s Day gift that says “I love you” but also “I understand you appreciate useful things” PLUS “this fabric made me think of you” then look no further than an iCrib!  (And it’s totally appropriate to gift yourself!)

iCribs are itty bean bags that hold your tech device at the right angle on pretty much any surface and leave your hands free to hold your loved one’s hand (or your giant glass of wine!)  Grab a romantic red one, a corporate linen look or a fun tropical or animal print.  Perfect for the person who has everything (and let’s be real, they already have the best gift – you right??)