Banner shows a family picnicing in the backyard on orange striped retro products. Text says Food, Family, Friends, Sunshine, bring on picnic weather!

Bring on the picnic weather!

As the weather warms up, all I can think about is escaping outdoors and soaking in the sunshine. Bliss looks like packing a book, some games, a picnic, (maybe the family and some friends :P) and heading somewhere with a view!

Read on for some (actually useful) picnic tips and our must have picnic products aka portable shade, a dry butt
and something comfortable to sit on.

Quote says a picnic is a great way to see what all the foods you love will taste like if you add ants...

Our adventure mats are made for picnics from the backyard to the beach.  All the features you’d expect plus a privacy pocket to keep valuables out of sight, a little fill cushioning and water resistant coating for easy clean up PLUS no boring tartans here!!
Just $69.00

A teen sits on a tropical green cushion recliner that sits atop a waikiki floral print adventure mat
A teen plays with a rubics cube above a dark blue picnic rug with rockets, planets and stars printed in white
A teen plays with a game console atop a teal green picnic rug with mermaids and sailors printed on it
A pair of cherries make a heart with their stalk

For a fast pack picnic sweet treat grab some of your favorite berries (my pick would be cherries, strawberries and blueberries) and some choc chip cookies. 
No arduous baking, decorating or transporting required.

Freeze some grapes to use as ice cubes – they won’t dilute your drink and give a fancy fruity twist!

Close up of green grapes in fizzy liquid

Checkout these genius picnic hacks:
I love the antipasto skewers!!
No more lugging around a lot of containers or platters and then trying to keep the flies off them all!

Cushion recliner portable beach seat in forest green showing carry strap

Ask people to bring their own cushions or low chairs.  Everyone can sit where they want and you won’t have to move the blanket every few minutes to chase the sun or shade!

Cushion Recliners are picnic perfect – they fold flat and are easy to carry over your shoulder with their adjustable strap.  They’ve got multiple reclining positions and padding so they’re really comfortable!!
Take a seat anywhere for $69.00

Women sits on a floral leaf print cushion recliner deckside by the pool
Teen sits on a grey ozark cushion recliner on some decking
Women laughs naturally whilst seated on a tropical green cushion recliner

How many of these picnic scenarios
can you tick off before picnic weather ends?

  • Beach Picnic
  • Park Picnic
  • Backyard Picnic
  • Picnic with pets
  • Having takeaway food outdoors
  • A picnic where everyone plays cricket or flies a kite or throws a frisbee
  • A picnic without sandwiches
  • Indoor picnic (bonus points for a fort)
  • Food festival or food truck picnic
  • Picnic where you leave something important at home!

A sun shelter that’s light weight, easy to carry and can be setup and packed up in seconds by just one person!  These also have a vented canopy, internal pockets, UPF50+ coating, gorgeous prints plus more…
amazing value at $99.00

A couple sits talking and drinking in the shade of a floral leaf print sun shelterFamily laughs in the backyard seated on a retro stripe coastal lounger bean bag, retro stripe adventure mat and grey cushion recliner seat