Dryz Phone Protector (2 pack)


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Protect your portable devices from water, dust, snow, dirt and sand when you are out and about. (Because rice should be something you cook, not something you sit your phone in!)

  • Clear front and back panels: use your device when sealed
  • Adjustable neck cord: hang at a height that is comfortable for you
  • Airtight: so your device is safely protected
  • Sized for small devices: suits most iPhones, iPods, PDA’s, mobiles, slim cameras and portable gaming devices. Also handy for keys, money, credit cards etc.
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Okay, so its not super stylish but the Dryz Phone Protector is super practical. Keep your small tech devices clean and dry when you’re on all sorts of outdoor adventures: use it at the pool or beach, when your boating and fishing and it’s great for hiking and camping.

If you’re backpack, pocket or phone case isn’t waterproof and you’re out in the rain, use a Dryz pouch to keep it dry.

If you’re playing with dirt in the garden or making dust in the garage, have your phone close by without worrying if you’ll be able to plug the cable in again later.

Protect your phone from sand scratches when you stash it in a shoe or under the towel at the beach whilst you snorkel, surf or kayak.

The Dryz Phone Protector pouch is also great for other small valuable items like slim cameras, portable gaming devices, credit cards and keys.

Use it anywhere you’re hands are busy and you need to stay connected but you want the peace of mind that your phone is safe from the elements.

Protection from water.

Great Gift Idea

Great gift idea.

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Good to know…

This is a two pack.  Keep a spare in the car just in case or gift the second to a friend or family member.


Suitable for devices up to 17cm x 12cm x 1cm
If you need to protect a larger device checkout the Dryz Tablet Protector

Case contents not included
Always consult device manufacturer’s instructions and specifications for outdoor and water use.


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