Banner text reads: Stop bean homelessness! fill your bean bag in a plugged bath
Banner text reads: Stop bean homelessness! fill your bean bag in a plugged bath

We Love Bean Bags!

Here are just a few things that make our LiFE! bean bags big on comfort and friendly to use:

Close up of a paper clip in the safety zipper

Safety locking zippers

All Life! bean bags have a safety locking zipper. It’s not broken we promise.  The zipper tabs have been removed as a safety measure so children can’t open it. To open simply slide a paper clip through the tab and open and close like a regular zipper (remembering to remove the paper clip when you’re finished).  You can also find this info on the label.

Coastal bean bag liner

Internal Liners

Most of our bean bag shapes and sizes come complete with a user friendly, removable internal liner included. Liners allow you to easily move beans from one bag to another without un-filling and re-filling (because as fun as that can be we’d rather not do it too often!) This is really helpful when you need to wash your bag. All internal liners also come with our easy fill funnel system and safety locking zippers.

Teen 'juggles' iCribs sitting on a bed in a brightly lit bedroom

Quality Construction

We flop, we drop, we plomp and wriggle – after all that’s what bean bags are for. So every LiFE! bean bag style is individually designed to withstand all the plomping and flopping you can throw at it. Reinforced stitching, lined interiors and fabric selection ensure the products will stand up to (nearly) anything you can dish out. And reinforced interiors provide support to not only maintain shape, but protect the areas of most stress and wear. And of course all our bean bags and materials have been tested to comply with Australian and International safety standards. So relax and enjoy.

Close up of the iCrib storage pocket

Useful Stuff

Too much air can make it hard to really sink into your favorite bean bag. So LiFE! bean bags have air escapes to allow those air pockets to whoosh away – all the better for snuggly comfort.

Utility handles make our bags easy to move around.

And pockets mean your remote, magazine, phone or iPod is never far away.

Close up of the easy fill funnel found on most LiFE! bean bags

Easy Fill Funnel System

Our unique easy fill funnel system cuts down on bean spills when filling or topping up your bean bag. The  funnel provides a larger opening area for filling and also makes it easier to close the zippers when full. And never content to just make things easier, the funnel system uses two safety locking zippers to keep beans away from little fingers (and mouths) for extra peace of mind.

Image shows water beading splash resistance on the pop lounge fabric

Washable plus

Our wide selection of fabrics cater for indoor, outdoor, soft, rugged, kid friendly and adult snuggly. Our products are all tested for washability and colour fastness and are easy to spot clean without removing the liners and beans.

Bean Bag Care

Love your bean bag and it will love you back for years. But there are some common sense things that are pretty much guaranteed to shorten it’s life (and maybe yours) so please don’t do the following:

  • Bean bags can’t swim so please don’t immerse them in water.
  • Bean bags are made of fabric so sharp things and really rough surfaces can tear them (and then the beans go everywhere and no one is happy).
  • Bean Bags are already warm enough so keep clear of radiators or open fires (burning beans is not a nice smell).
  • Our patio bean bags should be stored indoors when not in use.

To clean fabric bean bags:
To clean general dirty areas use water and a mild detergent. Liquid dish soap is a great option. For more stubborn marks, a soft-bristle toothbrush used in a circular motion should work and then just wipe clean with a dry cloth. Please don’t immerse in water or try to steam clean.  And different things work on different fabrics – so always check the label!