• Food, friends, family, sunshine and a great picnic rug - all perfect ingredients for making memories!
    • Larger Size: seat the family or two plus the grazing platter
    • Stylish Prints:¬†easy to find in a sea of tartan picnic blankets!
    • Water Resistant: no damp butts and easy to clean
    • Privacy Pocket: to store items out of sight
    • Corner Loops: to tie it down or hang it up
  • A beautiful breezy sun shelter that's compact and easy to carry to your little piece of paradise.¬† Simple to setup, the Haven A-Frame creates lots of shade.
    • UVE95+% coating: keep those sun rays at bay
    • Two Setups: Maximise the shade morning to night
    • No flooring: the kids can play with the sand in the shade
    • Great Ventilation: no sides lets the air circulate
    • Lightweight with carrybag: pack away, travel and store with ease
    • Useful features: like a pocket to keep the keys out of the sand


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