Kids Teardrop Bean Bag – Blue Polka Dot


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In stock

Every childhood needs a bean bag. Make memories on the Blue Polka Dot Teardrop bean bag playing, lounging and letting imaginations run wild.

  • Fun Print: These bright polka dots look great in the bedroom, playroom and lounge room
  • Easy Clean: Wipe clean fabric with an internal liner and removable cover makes cleaning a breeze
  • Easy Fill Funnel: To reduce the number of beans that don’t make it into the bag
  • Child-safe Zipper: Dual locking zipper so the kids can’t make it snow
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A bean bag plus a child’s imagination is a powerful thing. More than comfortable casual seating, bean bags transform from furniture into pretend cars, planes and boats in the blink of an eye. You can be lying down relaxing one minute to blasting your imaginary rocket into space, exploring under the sea in your submarine or flying like a super hero.

Bean bags are made for curling up with a book, snuggling for a movie night, settling in for a gaming session or laying back listening to music and day dreaming. Take a break from the desk and get comfortable on your bean bag when using an iPad, table or laptop.

We expect you’ll flop, drop, plomp and wriggle into a bean bag so we make them durable enough for the run and leap. Bean bags are the perfect fort building material and are light weight and easily moved from room to room as adventurers travel. And we understand life happens so there’s wipe clean fabrics and removable covers to make cleaning breeze.

Use 150 litres of beans.

Easy clean fabric.

Easy fill funnel.

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Good to know…

This is a kids sized bean bag suitable for ages 3+.
We recommend filling this bean bag with 150 litres of beans (beans not included).

Filling your bean bag
We recommend filling your bean bag in the bath tub – with the plug in! It’s also a little easier (and way more fun) with a second set of hands: one person to hold the bean bag and the other pours the bag of beans. Most of our bean bags have a filling funnel (extra material and a second zip) that reduces the number of beans left homeless!

Our zip looks like the handle has fallen off but its not broken, it’s actually a safety feature. The zipper tabs have been removed so the zip can’t be opened by accident (or a determined toddler!) To open, simply slide a paper clip through the tab and then open and close like a regular zipper.

Bean bags are cool again (helped by advances in design and technology) and are an incredibly chic, versatile and practical alternative to traditional furniture in almost any interior or exterior space.

Bean bags are lightweight and portable so you can easily rearrange your layout or relocate them if need be. They’re a space efficient and affordable way to fill your home with plenty of comfortable seating for friends or family to enjoy – especially when you’re short on space.

This bright polka dot print can be a statement piece in a neutral colored room and looks great with blue or grey based decor. Mix and match with different prints in the same color palette for a fun kid’s space.
This bean bag also comes in pink.

Filled size: Height 50cm x Width 50cm (depending on how full you like your bean bag)


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