Jobs fill you pocket. Adventures fill your soul.

How do you holiday?

Taking a break is essential for your health!  If you want to maximise your holiday and minimise your spend how about camping or a staycation?

Are you a natural outdoorsy-adventurous type who camps regularly?  Maybe your camping exploits are the once a year pilgrimage to your childhood holiday spot over Easter?  Or are you more of a glamper who appreciates the creature comforts whilst “roughing it”?

Camping is a fantastic way to get away from the distractions of modern life and to connect with nature and one another (plus its such good value!).  Read on for our top tips for camping with kids.

Have you ever considered holidaying in your home? Staying at home and calling it a vacation might sound lame but done right, a staycation can have all the benefits of a much grander getaway.  Read on for some of our favorite holistay ideas.

quote reads I don't need a fancy holiday... I'd be happy going to the bathroom alone

Camping with kids? Camp like a champ!

Taking kids camping can be both a challenge and a great time.  Here are our top three tips:

1) PLAN AHEAD: Camp grounds can fill up quickly especially in peak periods, so book ahead to avoid last minute hiccups.

2) SETUP IN DAYLIGHT: Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination so you can setup in daylight before everyone gets tired and hangry!  Don’t forget to allow time for rest breaks along the way so little legs can get a stretch every now and then.

3) TEST RUN: Try sleeping in a tent in the backyard.  This is a great way for kids to experience camping (with a plan B which doesn’t involve packing up the camp site,the car and trekking home with upset passengers!)

Checkout some fun backyard camping ideas here:

back view of a grey cushion recliner

The ultimate in portable comfort, a cushion recliner has multiple angles to relax and recline!  It’s super light and folds flat so it doesn’t take up much room when you’re packing the car to go camping.

Holiday Here

Haven’t got a destination in mind yet? Consider boosting regional tourism in the wake of devastating bushfires.  Enjoy a holiday and support a community – win win!  

Here in Victoria consider these Caravan Parks in East Gippsland:

And join the Empty Esky movement: embark on a road trip to a fire-affected town and stock up on produce and wares purchased from local traders bringing home a full esky.  If you like you can then share your trip on social media using #emptyesky 
For maps and business information:

two children play on the beach shaded by an airlie sun shelter

A sun shelter makes a great addition to your camping gear: It provides a shady place to play without tromping dirt in and out of the tent and its quick and easy portable shade you can take with you on adventures away from the campsite.
 Only $99.95

  • Easy up mechanism: easy to put up, easy to take down, one person, no tools required
  • UPF50+ coating: keep those sun rays at bay
  • Lightweight with carrybag: pack away, travel and store with ease
  • Breeze proof: secure with sand pockets. Sand pegs also included
  • No flooring: the kids can play with the sand in the shade
  • Vented canopy: allows for air circulation on those steamy days
  • Useful features: like internal pockets to store your belongings
cards are scatterd on an orange retro striped picnic rug

You’ll need a good quality picnic blanket on your empty esky and camping adventures!  Grab a non boring tartan print that is super quick to pack up with sand and leaves just sliding off!

STAYCATION: A staycation or holistay is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance of their home and does not require overnight accommodations.

Gotta admit – a staycation sounds rather tempting at the moment!  When you’re feeling frazzled and need a holiday but the bank balance doesn’t support your getaway goals…

The trick to making a staycation feel like a real holiday is to step away from your routine.  Set a start date and an end date, don’t check your email and let go of the housework guilt!  You can:

  • go total tourist on your hometown.  Checkout the ‘what’s on’ websites or hotel lobbies for brochures and think of all the must see places you recommend to out of town visitors.
  • Buy a new cookbook and create a heap of new delicious recipes and eat out at home
  • Read those books you’ve had sitting on the shelf waiting to be read or head to the library and borrow big
  • Cross off a bucket list activity
  • Recreate a wellness retreat, head to the day spa, do some yoga or tai chi classes and cook yourself nutritious food
  • Hit the cafe’s and markets and do some people watching
To “come back” relaxed and re-energised from your staycation remember work and chores are not a holiday and you do need to plan as if you were going further away.